In our last couple of posts, we have been covering the crime rates of Chicago, as a lot of anger and confusion has derived from their accuracy. While officials have stood behind their numbers, it seems that the public isn’t interested in them. What are they interested in? Feeling safe within their communities. As of recently, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced that the city of Chicago will be getting assistance from the state government.

Forty Illinois Police troopers will work with the understaffed, overworked Chicago Police department to try to help make certain communities safer. It’s no surprise to anyone who lives in the city; crime is concentrated in certain pockets of the South and West sides. Many young people have been murdered in these areas (once a day, on average), leaving the communities feeling abandoned, desensitized, and rightfully angry.

Prejudices lead to Negative Attitudes within Law Enforcement

Territorial and cultural prejudices have made law enforcement agencies view each other as rivals, as opposed to allies. Whether it’s for public stature, for budget money, or even for bragging rights, the agencies haven’t really been willing to work with one another in the past. City, state, and federal units are known to not want to cooperate, so when Emanuel “asked” Gov. Pat Quinn (who oversees state troopers) for help — it was considered a bold request.

This unique approach has many people wondering it will be enough of an effort. Fifty CeaseFire interventionists will be added as well, a total of 100 who will use tactics to defuse conflict. It will be interesting to see if this infusion will work, whether the partnership will be worth the effort, and even change how law enforcement views one another. Nonetheless, it is a game changer.

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