If you tune into the news, it seems like every story is about another murder that occurred within Chicago city perimeters. Take the Fourth of July for instance. This holiday is known to be a deathly holiday for Chicago. This year, sadly, there were 82 shootings over the Fourth of July weekend. So when someone tries to say Chicago is in its “golden age,” for homicide — it sounds absurd.

Chicago is in a golden age.

See — it sounds absurd! But this statement may actually be true. According to statistics, Chicago’s overall crime rate ranks 19th — 1 higher than Minneapolis (Chicago is slightly worse), but better than Kansas City, Indianapolis and Nashville. These statistics factor in population, so while Chicago is a violent city — due its dense population, the rates are surprisingly better than they used to be.

If you still don’t believe, take a look at some other statistics:

      • In the year 1992, Chicago had 943 murders — 2.6 per day.
      • In the year 2013, Chicago had 415 murders — 1.1 per day.

In two decades, the homicide rate decreased by more than half.

      • So far this year, the homicide total for 2014 is 206 — a decrease from last year.

While these statistics are excellent, a death is still a death. When a family member is a casualty of a shooting, the decreased homicide rates certainly do not ease the pain. Daniel Kay Hertz, a master’s student at the University of Chicago’s Harris admits that nearly all communities of Chicago have experienced a decline in murder and crime — but some other the most crime-ridden communities have only gotten worse.

Chicago Crime is Concentrated

While crime exist everywhere in Chicago, it’s no surprise that the majority of city crime is concentrated. It’s easy for anyone to look at these statistics, and suggest that crime is on the decrease — because it is. But that means nothing to the communities who suffer due to street gangs, unreliable public transportation, “food deserts” (a community that relies on corner stores for food supplement as they have no option for fresh food), and the pressure put on youth to join the criminal class. These communities are like deserts themselves.

Statistically wise, Chicago seems to be doing something right. It will be interesting to see how crime changes in the upcoming years. Judging Chicago off paper — we still have a lot of work to do to help the less fortunate communities.

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