Opposing Counsel

“Sam is a regular opponent of mine, and he brings only the best experience and professionalism to the courtroom. As a former ASA, I know that Sam knows the ropes of criminal prosecution, and he uses the skills he has learned to provide a very concise and thorough representation of all of his clients. Even though we share different sides of the argument, I never have a doubt that Sam will be a reasonable counselor, and as always, a wealth of knowledge in criminal law.”

Fellow Lawyer in Community

“Mr. Worley is one of the most professional and knowledgeable attorney’s in this field. To the extent that I was happy to have my own students witness Mr. Worley conduct a intricate Constitutional hearing. Mr. Worley deftly argued an extremely complex area of law with the precision of an attorney that is a master of his craft. That is why I will continue to rely on Mr. Worley’s expertise and wholeheartedly recommend his work.”

DUI / DWI Attorney

Opposing Counsel on Matter

“I have known James for many years. First as a prosecutor and now as a defense attorney. James is a skilled attorney and someone who can be entrusted with the most serious of matters. I endorse this lawyer.”

Criminal Defense Attorney

Thanks for all your hard work, I will always be [grateful].

“Sam Worley Jr will go to great lengths to ensure excelllent legal service. I will be forever [grateful] to Mr Worley for getting me through a very difficult time. The knowledge and [guidance] he provided during my case was informative and well organized. I highly recommend Sam [Worley] Jr. if you need DUI representation. You will be in good hands!!”

Kim, DUI Client


“Sam Worley just won my DUI case today, and I’m forever [grateful] and appreciative for that. While sitting in court he also won another case before me. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”