No one can debate that raising a child is an expensive endeavor. When a marriage dissolves, it is important to know the laws and guidelines in place to help ensure that parents can properly and fairly provide for their children. The Law Offices of J. Samuel Worley, LLC will work hard to ensure that your child receives the support necessary to maintain their lifestyle, in a just and efficient way.

We have years of experience representing parents in child support hearings and understand that the child support formulas provided by Illinois state guidelines are only as good as the information provided to the court regarding each parents’ assets and income. We will work closely with you to gain a full picture of the facts, ensuring that all assets and income are documented and all facts represented in the calculation of child support. Our work with you will doesn’t end once child support is set. Illinois state law allows for modifications to child support every two years, as material circumstances, such as a change in jobs, unemployment, increased or decreased income, and increased expenses change the financial picture. We are dedicated to continuing to defend your rights as a parent and to protecting the critical financial determinations that provide for your child’s future.

Call us today for a free consultation and we will get you on the road to determining the appropriate level of support for your child and your child’s rights under the law.