Colorado Recreation Marijuana Industry – Revenue Less than Estimated

While Illinois State lawmakers are looking to legalize medical marijuana for around 10,000 Illinois patients in need, several states have had similar laws in place for years. In fact, Colorado (as well as Washington) not only legalized medical marijuana, but allow marijuana to be used for recreational purposes. Colorado marijuana state laws have recently made  Continue Reading »

Illinois is One step Closer to Legalization

In recent news, Illinois State lawmakers have begun to finalize plans to allow medical marijuana to be bought and sold for patients that apply for an ID card this fall. This means that patients may be able to legally purchase as early as next spring. While it seems like things are moving along for the  Continue Reading »

Congresswoman Nita M. Lowry introduces New Law to Help Reduce Repeat DUI Offences

More than 10,000 people die each year due to drunk driving. “In my mind, driving drunk only once is one time too many,” states Congresswoman Nita M. Lowry, who recently proposed a new law that mandates all convicted drunk driving offenders have a ignition interlock installed in their cars for no less than 6 months  Continue Reading »

U.S. Supreme Court Stands behind California State Ruling and DUI Machines Reliability

In December of 2007, Terry Vangelder was stopped by a patrolman in San Diego County after driving his pickup truck at the dangerous speed of 125mph. With Vangelder’s consent, the patrolman tested his blood alcohol content. The results suggested that Vangelder was driving with a blood alcohol content of .095 percent. Administering a second test,  Continue Reading »

A 19 year-old Kills a Construction Worker While Driving Under the Influence in Chicago

Around 4am on Saturday, June 21st, 19 year old Erick Lopez allegedly crashed into a construction site while driving under the influence. This crash was fatal, killing an innocent bystander (who was working construction), as well as injuring himself and two passengers that he (Lopez) was driving. The accident took place at the 4900 block  Continue Reading »

Illinois Police Now Needs a Warrant to Search Your Smartphone!

Hot off the presses from the Illinois Supreme Court. Your “smart phone” may be smarter than you even know! Now the police must get a warrant before searching your cell phone incident to arrest in most cases. More info here:

US Supreme Court Rules Part of Illinois Gun Law Unconstitutional

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the provision of the Illinois Criminal Code that makes it a felony for a properly registered gun owner to possess a firearm on Illinois public land is unconstitutional and violates the Second Amendment to the United State’s Constitution its ruling in People of Illinois v. Alberto Aguilar, 2013  Continue Reading »

I got arrested for DUI, should I get a lawyer for the first court date?

There are many tactical advantages in obtaining a lawyer prior to your first court date.  First and foremost consider the ramifications on your Illinois driving privileges.  Once arrested for DUI, you will face a mandatory suspension of your Illinois driver’s license for a minimum of six months to one year for a first offender and  Continue Reading »