Protesters meet to Stop Bad Apple Gun Dealers in Illinois

This week supporters and protesters met at Chuck’s Gun Store, located in Riverdale, Illinois, in support of the national Brady Campaign. The campaign’s initiative is to prevent gun violence, and is called, “Stop Bad Apple Dealers!” With the the new Concealed Carry law passed in Illinois, many citizens are worried about an increase in gun  Continue Reading »

70 mph Speed Limit for Tollways Vetoed by Quinn

This last Tuesday Governor Pat Quinn vetoed raising the maximum speed limit on Illinois tollways. As of now, the speed limit for these tollways is at 65 mph. Quinn’s reasoning for the veto? He stated, “The convenience of increased speeds for drivers on Illinois tollways does not outweigh the safety risks to children, families and  Continue Reading »

Concealed Carry the Reason for Lower Crime Rates?

Illinois is the 50th state in the U.S. to allow concealed weapons, and many believe that the new legislation has resulted in a decrease in crime rates. Concealed carry permits were numbered at 83,183 applications as of July 29th, and it’s believed that the number will reach to 100,000 Illinois citizens by the end of  Continue Reading »

New Law Banning Tobacco on Illinois Campuses Signed by Governor

This last Sunday, Governor Pat Quinn signed a new law that prohibits smoking on state-supported campuses. This law bans students from not only smoking indoors, but also any outdoor spaces on campus. This law goes into effect July 1st, 2015. Governor Quinn also signed a law that will restrict the display of e-cigarettes — both  Continue Reading »

Emanuel Asks for Help with Fighting Chicago Crime

In our last couple of posts, we have been covering the crime rates of Chicago, as a lot of anger and confusion has derived from their accuracy. While officials have stood behind their numbers, it seems that the public isn’t interested in them. What are they interested in? Feeling safe within their communities. As of  Continue Reading »

Chicago Crime Rates Public Hearing – The Aftermath

Last week, on Friday August 1st, officials held a public hearing to discuss the latest statistics on Chicago crime. As we wrote in our last blog post, many are questioning the accuracy of these statistics. Crime rates are the lowest they have been for over two decades, but all we every see on the news  Continue Reading »

Chicago Officials Hold Public Hearing on Crime Stats

In our last blog post we discussed how Chicago has statistically seen a decrease in violent crimes and homicides. But these statistics have left many wondering how accurate the numbers are. Weeks after multiple requests, Chicago Officials have agreed to hold a Public Hearing this morning (August 8th, 2014) to help clear up some of  Continue Reading »

Violence in Chicago

If you tune into the news, it seems like every story is about another murder that occurred within Chicago city perimeters. Take the Fourth of July for instance. This holiday is known to be a deathly holiday for Chicago. This year, sadly, there were 82 shootings over the Fourth of July weekend. So when someone  Continue Reading »

Illinois Lawmakers Sign New Bill to Help Ex-Convicts Find Employment After Release

Prison overcrowding has been a problem for many years. To save money and reduce overcrowding , a number of states have pushed inmates out on early release plans, but the question that seems to have no answer — what happens to these convicts afterwards? “If people get drawn back into the real world, get a  Continue Reading »

Quinn Signs off on Stricter Boater Safety Regulations

At the beginning of July, Governor Pat Quinn signed off on several different laws that were aimed to increase boating safety regulations. News of these updates happened over the Fourth of July weekend, and Quinn used it as an opportunity to remind Illinois residents. “Over the Fourth of July weekend, it’s important that all residents  Continue Reading »