Gun Retail ShopThis week supporters and protesters met at Chuck’s Gun Store, located in Riverdale, Illinois, in support of the national Brady Campaign. The campaign’s initiative is to prevent gun violence, and is called, “Stop Bad Apple Dealers!”

With the the new Concealed Carry law passed in Illinois, many citizens are worried about an increase in gun violence. Statistic show that crime rates have lowered since the law passed, but many believe that it’s not enough. That’s why this new campaign is set to target “Bad Apple Gun Dealers” in their tracks — getting crime guns off the streets.

Dan Gross, the president of the Brady Campaign states that, “The vast majority of gun dealers actually do their part and are a strong front line of defense, keeping guns out of criminals’ hands. In fact, more than 80 percent of gun dealers can actually proudly say that they do not report a single crime-gun trace to their shop, but unfortunately that leaves the others.”

Chuck’s Gun Store contributes to Gun Violence

Chuck’s Gun Store seems to be the perfect gun retailer store to picket. The “bad apples” Brady is targeting are the 1% of gun dealers who knowingly sell guns to those who are prohibited, or gun traffickers (which are responsible for 60% of crime guns across the country). According to data and research, Chuck’s Gun Store is within this 1% of “bad apple dealers”. Approximately 268 crime guns have been linked to Chuck’s between 2008 to 2012.

Director of legal action for Brady, Jonathan Lowry stated, “Without legal accountability these dealers can profit off sales that they know or should know are supplying criminals and leading to murders and other gun crimes.” He continued, “But with legal accountability we can take the profits out of supplying the criminal gun market and we can change the way criminals do business and shutdown those who refuse to change their ways.”

Lowry, Gross, and the Brady Campaign want to make it clear that their objective is not to target all gun dealers — just those who contribute to gun violence and crime. Their efforts will be concentrated on those dealers who, through data and fact checking, are making unsafe, illegal transactions.

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