This last Tuesday Governor Pat Quinn vetoed raising the maximum speed limit on Illinois tollways. As of now, the speed limit for these tollways is at 65 mph. Quinn’s reasoning for the veto? He stated, “The convenience of increased speeds for drivers on Illinois tollways does not outweigh the safety risks to children, families and our dedicated public servants.” He continued, “Recent evidence shows that drivers already travel at excessive speeds on Illinois toll highways.” His argument against the raised speed limit included a study done last year regarding Interstate 94 in Lake County. The study showed that 71 percent of the drivers on theRead More →

Illinois is the 50th state in the U.S. to allow concealed weapons, and many believe that the new legislation has resulted in a decrease in crime rates. Concealed carry permits were numbered at 83,183 applications as of July 29th, and it’s believed that the number will reach to 100,000 Illinois citizens by the end of this year. Since last year, robberies that have led to arrests in Chicago has declined by 20 percent. Reports of burglary theft is down by 20 percent, and vehicle theft is down by 26 percent. In the first quarter of 2014, the homicide rate was at a 56-year low. WithRead More →

This last Sunday, Governor Pat Quinn signed a new law that prohibits smoking on state-supported campuses. This law bans students from not only smoking indoors, but also any outdoor spaces on campus. This law goes into effect July 1st, 2015. Governor Quinn also signed a law that will restrict the display of e-cigarettes — both laws are part of his agenda to improve the overall health of all of Illinois residents. The Smoke Free Campus Act has been sponsored and supported by many, including State Senator Terry Link (D-Waukegan) and State Representative Ann Williams (D-Chicago). The American Lung Association has been working with state legislatorsRead More →

In our last couple of posts, we have been covering the crime rates of Chicago, as a lot of anger and confusion has derived from their accuracy. While officials have stood behind their numbers, it seems that the public isn’t interested in them. What are they interested in? Feeling safe within their communities. As of recently, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has announced that the city of Chicago will be getting assistance from the state government. Forty Illinois Police troopers will work with the understaffed, overworked Chicago Police department to try to help make certain communities safer. It’s no surprise to anyone who lives in the city;Read More →

Last week, on Friday August 1st, officials held a public hearing to discuss the latest statistics on Chicago crime. As we wrote in our last blog post, many are questioning the accuracy of these statistics. Crime rates are the lowest they have been for over two decades, but all we every see on the news is a report about another bloody shooting. Chicago police superintendent Garry McCarthy, surrounded by staff, faced city alderman last week and defended reports. Who’s really to blame? McCarthy believes the news organizations. News Organizations to blame? McCarthy criticized News organizations for the time they devote to the killings and otherRead More →

In our last blog post we discussed how Chicago has statistically seen a decrease in violent crimes and homicides. But these statistics have left many wondering how accurate the numbers are. Weeks after multiple requests, Chicago Officials have agreed to hold a Public Hearing this morning (August 8th, 2014) to help clear up some of the communities concerns. Chicago Progressive Caucus Makes Second Request for Public Hearing — Finally Heard One of the requests was from the Chicago Progressive Caucus, who made a call for a public hearing back in early June. Seven members, including Ald. Bob Fioretti (2nd), asked the Public Safety Committee chair,Read More →