If you tune into the news, it seems like every story is about another murder that occurred within Chicago city perimeters. Take the Fourth of July for instance. This holiday is known to be a deathly holiday for Chicago. This year, sadly, there were 82 shootings over the Fourth of July weekend. So when someone tries to say Chicago is in its “golden age,” for homicide — it sounds absurd. Chicago is in a golden age. See — it sounds absurd! But this statement may actually be true. According to statistics, Chicago’s overall crime rate ranks 19th — 1 higher than Minneapolis (Chicago is slightlyRead More →

Prison overcrowding has been a problem for many years. To save money and reduce overcrowding , a number of states have pushed inmates out on early release plans, but the question that seems to have no answer — what happens to these convicts afterwards? “If people get drawn back into the real world, get a job and make a living, studies show they’ll be less likely to go to prison,” stated Howard Husock, vice president for policy research for The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. “With early release now on the menu for so many states, it makes the matter more pressing.” Besides early release,Read More →

At the beginning of July, Governor Pat Quinn signed off on several different laws that were aimed to increase boating safety regulations. News of these updates happened over the Fourth of July weekend, and Quinn used it as an opportunity to remind Illinois residents. “Over the Fourth of July weekend, it’s important that all residents stay safe while celebrating, especially out on Illinois waterways,” Quinn stated in a news release. He continued: “While boating is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, everyone has to take precautions and follow the rules to keep drivers and passengers out of harm’s way. These new laws will helpRead More →

While Illinois State lawmakers are looking to legalize medical marijuana for around 10,000 Illinois patients in need, several states have had similar laws in place for years. In fact, Colorado (as well as Washington) not only legalized medical marijuana, but allow marijuana to be used for recreational purposes. Colorado marijuana state laws have recently made the news when State Officials scaled back prior estimates about the state’s retail marijuana industry. Those estimates were believed to be upwards of $1 billion in sales this coming fiscal year, but as of May, the industry has collected about 4.2 million in sales and excise taxes. The drug wasRead More →

In recent news, Illinois State lawmakers have begun to finalize plans to allow medical marijuana to be bought and sold for patients that apply for an ID card this fall. This means that patients may be able to legally purchase as early as next spring. While it seems like things are moving along for the new industry, there are a few major kinks left to straighten out. Below is a list of those hurdles: Who will get a license? Before patients have the access they need to medical marijuana, State regulators have to figure out which business will get a license.  Before the chosen licensedRead More →

More than 10,000 people die each year due to drunk driving. “In my mind, driving drunk only once is one time too many,” states Congresswoman Nita M. Lowry, who recently proposed a new law that mandates all convicted drunk driving offenders have a ignition interlock installed in their cars for no less than 6 months after their arrest. The law, Alisa’s law, was named in honor of the daughter of the current president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving — Jan Withers. Withers’ daughter, Alisa Joy, was killed in 1992 by an underage drunk driver. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, data suggests thatRead More →

In December of 2007, Terry Vangelder was stopped by a patrolman in San Diego County after driving his pickup truck at the dangerous speed of 125mph. With Vangelder’s consent, the patrolman tested his blood alcohol content. The results suggested that Vangelder was driving with a blood alcohol content of .095 percent. Administering a second test, the results showed Vangelder at .086 percent – just .006 over legal limit. Cases like these occur all the time, making many question the reliability of DUI machines. One California motorist expressed his concerns for the machines, and at the end of last Month the Supreme Court answered – withRead More →

Around 4am on Saturday, June 21st, 19 year old Erick Lopez allegedly crashed into a construction site while driving under the influence. This crash was fatal, killing an innocent bystander (who was working construction), as well as injuring himself and two passengers that he (Lopez) was driving. The accident took place at the 4900 block of South Western Avenue. According to The Chicago Tribune, Lopez had a blood content of .195 at the time of the accident – more than twice the legal limit of .08. The construction working who was killed as a result of the accident was 58 year old Jose Tafoya, whoRead More →