When you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances (DUI) in Illinois, you face serious consequences ranging from loss of your driving privileges to incarceration. Two separate government agencies will take action against you. First, the Illinois Secretary of State will take administrative action and suspend your driving privileges, starting on the 46th day from the date of your ticket. Second, the State of Illinois will prosecute you for the crime of DUI in the Circuit Court of which ever county you were arrested. The State can charge you with either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on your background and the facts in your case. A conviction of DUI in Illinois will revoke your driving privileges and also may result in court-ordered counseling and treatment, costly fines, court fees and in some instances incarceration if there are aggravating circumstances or if you are a second-time or higher offender. That is why it is important to obtain services of an experienced DUI attorney as soon as possible after your arrest, and most certainly in advance of your first court date.

Attorney J. Samuel Worley has over eight years experience prosecuting DUIs while serving as an Assistant State’s Attorney and defending them while working as a private defense attorney. Mr. Worley utilizes his experience and education to quickly assess your DUI case and formulate a plan for the best defense possible while helping you protect your driving privileges.

Mr. Worley will fight the prosecution’s case at every juncture, many times finding ways to have your case dismissed before even going to trial.

Call the office today and schedule a free consultation with Mr. Worley or one of his associates: 312-600-8655.

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